Hygiene & Sanitziers - Pee Pod Feminine Funnel [NRS-WIZ]

Ladies, the product name and picture 'says it all'.  It's just you, your nalgene bottle, and 'The Pee Pod' and 'life outdoors was never so easy'!

It has these Special Features:

  • Not only handy on rafting trips, you'll love it for any outdoor activity
  • Made from a medical-grade, latex free, anti-bacterial and water repellent thermoplastic elastomer
  • Give it a flick of the wrist when done and liquids shed in a blink of the eye
  • It's flexible and will fit into a small pack pocket discreet and easy carrying
  • Size: 6" total length, 4" wide cup opening
  • Machine washing safe
  • Essential for the outdoors woman!

PRICE:  $28.95