4 Mode Lightweight Headlamp

Simple, perfect, Fuel. So whisper light, you'll forget you're wearing it - til you need to light your way. The Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp's LEDs throw out lots of light while giving you up to 160 hours of battery life. 

  • A simple push button switches the four Ultrabright LEDs to give you four light settings - high, high/flash, medium and low.
  • On the high setting the bright light reaches out over 170 feet.
  • Battery life in hours is: high - 50, flash - 96, medium - 90 and low - 146.
  • Three AAA alkaline batteries (included) are quickly inserted in the clip lock, water resistant battery housing.
  • With the batteries, the Fuel weighs a mere 2.75 ounces!
  • The mounting bracket adjusts up or down to let you direct the light where you need it - from the distance, to the book in your lap.
  • The comfortable elastic head band holds the light firmly in place and easily adjusts to length.

PRICE:  $35.95